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Release Notes

Release Notes



  • [Enhancement] - UI Improvement - When selecting a parcel, it only highlights the outline and not the fill. This was causing confusion by changing the colour of the fill when a parcel was selected.
  • [Enhancement] - Add Parcel Identifiers Parcel ID and Land Parcel ID from theList (
  • [Enhancement] - Improve Search for parcel identifiers as well as geocoder. Geocoder will only search for addresses in the project area. 



  • [New Feature] Disclaimer Sticky Banner: A new banner has been added to the Hobart Bushfire Exposure Index Platform, providing essential information about the purpose and limitations of the model.
  • [Report Update] New Version of the Greater Hobart Bushfire Exposure Index Report (v3): Replacing the previous version (v2), this update addresses the use of the term "risk." In several instances, "exposure" has been used instead to reflect the content more accurately.



  • [New Addition] Greater Hobart Bushfire Exposure Index Report 2022-2023 – Added to the resources section. This comprehensive report provides an in-depth exploration of the project's scope, methodologies employed, and key findings on bushfire risks.
  • [Enhancement] - Bushfire Hazard Severity Index Legend – Updated class names and popups to match new continuous naming scale.



  • [Enhancement] Bushfire Hazard Severity Index Layer – Renamed, removed transparency to fix legend and added to the map. Extend tiles to additional zoom layer.
  • [Fix] Bushfire Exposure Index Symbology – Very Low was missing outline.
  • [Enhancement] Bushfire Hazard Severity Index Popup – Changed text mapping to 5 categories instead of 10.
  • [Enhancement] Bushfire Hazard Severity Index Legend – Updated layer and field names to match correct naming conventions – BR_Exp_100 -> Bushfire Exposure Index.
  • [Enhancement] Bushfire Hazard Severity Index Map – Delay Parcel outlines zoom levels.
  • [Content Enhancement] Understand the Index Section – Revamped content to offer more clarity, providing detailed descriptions to ensure users gain a thorough understanding of the indices and their significance in evaluating bushfire exposure.
  • [Removal] Report and User Guide – The sections will be added once content is completed.
  • [Enhancement] Added button to subscribe to newsletter.



  • [Expansion] Platform Sections – Integrated several new sections to offer a comprehensive user experience, including "Understand the Index" for deeper insight into the indices, "Take Action" for actionable steps and guidance, "User Support" for platform navigation assistance, and the release notes to keep users informed of the ongoing enhancements and updates.
  • [Content Addition] Knowledge Enhancement – The newly added sections are designed to complement the map, providing enriched content and guidance, fostering a better understanding and utilisation of the platform.
  • [User Interface] Improved Navigation – The new sections are meticulously structured to ensure seamless navigation and enhance the overall user interaction with the platform.
  • [Enhancement] Bushfire Hazard Severity Index Layer – Remove clipping to parcel layers, change blending to use transparency.



  • [Pre-Launch] Online Publication – The platform is officially published online, making it accessible to some users for review and feedback purposes.
  • [Update] Header and Footer – Refreshed and enhanced the header and footer for improved user navigation and interface aesthetics, contributing to a more coherent user experience.
  • [Enhancement] Legend and Colour Unification – Optimised the legend and unified the colour schemes to ensure clarity and consistency when transitioning between the Bushfire Hazard Severity and Exposure Index maps, enabling users to interpret the information more effectively.
  • [Usability] User Interface Improvements – Continuous enhancements made to the user interface to ensure intuitive navigation and interaction with the various elements of the platform.



  • [Reversion] Simplified Platform – Reverted to a more user-friendly platform focusing solely on the Exposure Index, eliminating Social Vulnerability, Resilience, and Risk Indices to avoid user overload and streamline user experience.
  • [Removal] Asset Replacement Value – Eliminated the feature showing asset replacement value to reduce complexity and focus on core functionality of bushfire exposure assessment.
  • [Addition] Bushfire Hazard Severity Index Layer – Incorporated a new layer delineating bushfire hazard severity to provide users with more comprehensive insights into potential bushfire threats, enhancing their understanding of the areas at risk.
  • [Enhancement] User Interface – Improved navigability and user interface to accommodate the updated layers and ensure smooth user interaction with the platform.
  • [Fix] Map Layer Integration – Resolved issues related to the integration of the new Bushfire Hazard Severity Index layer to ensure seamless interaction and data accuracy.



  • [Fix] Indices Calculation – Addressed anomalies in the calculation of the Exposure and Risk Index.
  • [Enhancement] Legend Update – Revamped legend to provide clearer and more intuitive understanding of exposure levels.



  • [Update] Social Vulnerability Index Layer – Incorporated a layer to depict social vulnerability, aiding users in understanding community susceptibility to bushfire hazards.
  • [Update] Resilience Index Layer – Added a new layer representing community resilience to bushfires, allowing users to gauge the ability of their community to recover from bushfires.
  • [Update] Community Risk Index Layer – Integrated a layer reflecting the overall risk at the community level, enabling users to comprehend the combined risk of exposure, vulnerability, and lack of resilience to bushfires.
  • [Fix] Exposure Index Calculation – Addressed anomalies in the calculation of the Bushfire Exposure Index to ensure reliability.



  • [Release] Initial Launch – Introduced the platform with basic functionalities including map exploration, and exposure index layer.